The vassil bojkov collection

Vassil bojkov collection has been provided at displays in several community capitals. The national photo gallery of martial arts in sofia is offering an astounding display named ‘the golden fleece protector. 62 superb ancient ruse have been exclusively selected via vassil bojkov’s extensive number of over 3 thousands. The convention proudly shows various facets of religion and ritual techniques from the thracians. 16 with the artefacts have not before been seen in community. Some of the hidden treasures will include a few types of add-ons kantharos, a really rhytons and a magic kylix. The centre item of the exhibit is a silver antique kantharos that depicts the golden ram’s sacrifice which will transferred helle and phrixus to colchis.

Finally, the silver kilyx shows theseus with the marathonian bull in astounding depth which is was involved with from 445-440 bc. They are just a few of the intriguing instances of the ruse on display with the exhibition. This kind of inspiring exhibit can be conveniently compared to a few of the leading expositions in the world like the ones inside the metropolitan art gallery, the hermitage in moscow or even the louvre, says prof. Atanasios sideris, archeologist and head curator of the Vasil Bojkov. The event is an exceptional chance for mythology lovers, background fans and just dreamers to jump to a world of excellent past, in which feelings had been displayed through magnificent items and testimonies were informed from era to technology with the help of noticeably beautiful artifacts that fortunately whisper the storyplot of the age-old aegean oceans and mysterious greek foothills even today.

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