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You will observe there one of many oldest mine in the world. The mine recieve more than 800 years. Almost everything underground is constructed of salt. The chapel of st . Kinga is one of the best and amazing place up until now hidden. Depend on what time you finish visiting both camps we can commence the travel in the mine from three or more: 00 to five: 00pm. The tour provides about a couple of, 5 mls route and may takes about 2-2, 5 time. The primary level of the mine is found 64 yards underground. Between around almost eight thousand staff of the auschwitz camp just 750 had been sentenced following your war.

You will discover about 378 wooden steps but most going down. Take note when you end visit the mine the escalator will goes up. Go on a00 comfortable shoes or boots. After visiitng salt mine the driver is going to takes you to krakow. We are there to get a dinner time about 07: 00-07: 30pm. The combo auschwitz salt mine tour from krakow is substantial recommended in tripadvisor by simply 98% tourists. We offer you all inclusive holidays and good quality services. In the event would you like to go to auschwitz-birkenau and salt mine on individual days you may book concert tours to auschwitz in the morning and then day towards the salt mine in the morning or perhaps afternoon.

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